Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Tomplot Blenny

The fishing boat "Tompot Blenny"  which is owned and captained by Brook Lamprey and crewed by his two sons, Morab and Danio.
It´s early in the Morning and father and sons are Setting out onto the great lake for the days work.
Hunting is limited in Bodstonia, not that there isn´t sufficient wild animals, deer and the like to be found but it is deemed appropiate to Limit hunting to a Minimum in order to  cause least friction with the natives,  so fish are an important source of protien to the Bodstonians.

Betta, Brook´s wife waves them off from the shore. Behind her, in the Little hamlet of Boddington, the other fishing and farming folk are only just beginning to  stir from thier beds.
Morab and Danio check the net one more time.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Miller´s Ship Mill

Owned by Mathias and Mary Miller, the Ship mill "Dusty"
In Bodstonia there are Windmills and stationary water mills, but one of the most successfull of the mills is "Dusty".
The wind may not blow and a windmill won´t turn,  a Change in the water Level can slow down or stop a water mill but "Dusty" can move to where the current is strongest.

Mary, taking a pause from her work, is lulled by the gentle Motion and sounds of the waterwheel and muses, carried away in her thoughts..perhaps to her younger, more carefree days.