Monday, 30 May 2016

Strange find in the woods

On one of thier journeys of discovery into the Bodstonian backcountry, James Forrester and Adahy come across, what for James is a strange object. Adahy explains to James that it is a  Totempole and, he not knowing to which tribe it belonged, could have several reasons for being placed where it is.
Among them, it could be a welcome sign  showing the border of a tribes territory or a housepost, the carvings,  a sort of heraldry,   telling the story of the family or tribe who owned it.
James wonders why it has been abandoned and Adahy explains that the tribe/Family may have moved, taking the Pole would have been too much effort.
James  makes a sketch of the Totempole and the friends continue thier journey of discovery.