Actors and Associations

Personalities of the Bodstonian Landscape

Algie - Bodstonian Fusiliers guard dog
Agatha Motesfort - Wife of Bartholomew Montesfort
Anne Coleman (48) - Wife to Jeremiah Coleman
Anton Braunstone - (8) Son to Emmet Braunstone
Arthur Cobb - Midshipsman on the Sea Urchin
Bartholomew Motesfont (61) - Lord Protector
Bartholomew (Bart) Rudhall - crewman on the Sea Urchin
Betta Lamprey - (35) wife to  Brook lamprey
Billy Edgewell  (25) Co. Owner of "Bettie´s Grace"
Bobby Edgewell (28) Co. Owner of "Bettie´s Grace"
Bradley Ashyt  (21) - Horse breeder
Brook Lamprey (37) - Fisherman and owner of the "Tompot Blenny"
Charles Livesy (23) -  Captain of the Artillery. 1st Regt of foot Bodstonian Fusiliers
Clementine Montesfort (36) - daughter of Bartholomew and Agatha Montesfont
Cordette Cheeseman (50) - Teacher and wife to Jeremiah Cheeseman
Cornellius Makepeace (63) - Judge
Cyril (Cy) Woodward - crewman on the Sea Urchin
Cuthbert Sussman - (29) Sweetshop owner
Danio Lamprey (19) -  son to Betta and Brook lamprey
DeWitt´s - Family
Edward Binder - (56)Bookseller and Printer
Esther Johanssen (49) Wife to Joshuah
Dr Greyham Watt  - (63)Bodstonians main Doctor
Ebenezah Bladewell (59) - Music writer.composed the Bodstonain Anthem
Elizabeth Coleman (31) - Daughter to Jeremiah Coleman
Emmet Braunstone  (37) - Builder and Militiaman
Francis Braunstone (36) _ Builder and militiaman
Hannah Turset (40) - Mother of Melanie and Harmonie
Harmonie Turset (21)
Ignacious Thomas Burns (unknown) Inventor and purveyor of "fire Engines"
Isaac Saynsbury - crewman on the Sea Urchin
Jack Dore - (Age unknown) - Self proclaimed captain and leader of the Pirates
Jake Lambton - crewman on the Sea Urchin
James Forrester (21) - Adventurer and Mapmaker
James Smythe  (24) - Blacksmith
Jedediah Johanssen  (32) Farmer
Jeremiah Cheeseman (50) - School Teacher
Jeremiah Coleman (52) - Colonel of the 1st Regt of foot Bodstonian Fusiliers, Millowner
Jocelyn de Bodley (b. 1644 - d.1691) - Discoverer of the land, now called Bodstonia
Johanssens .A farming Family
Johnathan Johanssen (12) Son to Jedediah Johanssen
Joshuah Johanssen (50) Father of Jedediah
Juliet Pride - Master gunner for the "Purple Roses"
Larry Merton - crewman on the Sea Urchin
Maria Bodley - Wife to Jocelyn de Bodley
Martha  Johanssen (29) Wife of Jedediah
Margeretta Watt - (61) Wife to Greyham Watt and acting Vivandiere for the Bodstonian Fusiliers
Mary Miller  (42) Co-Owner of the Boat Mill "Dusty" and Wife to Mathias Miller
Mathias Miller (45) Co-Owner of the Boat Mill "Dusty"  and husband to Mary Miller
Melanie Turset (18)
Morab Lamprey - (20) son to Betta and Brook lamprey
Obediah Hardwill (34) - Staff Sergeant Company A, 1st Regiment of Foot, the Bodstonian Fusiliers
Oliver Barton (48) - Butcher
Oliver Merriwether (42) -  Coachman
Paul de Bodley -  Ancestor of Jocelyn de Bodley, discoverer of Bodstonia
Pascal Albon (24) -Trapper
Peter Braunstone (34) - Builder and Militiaman
Pierre Albon (23) - Trapper
Rebecca Johanssen (8) Daughter of Jedediah and Martha)
Rob Perris - Ex Trapper now a fisherman
Robert Lambton (25)Staff Sergeant Company B 1st Regiment of Foot, the Bodstonian Fusiliers
Rose Tremain  ( 23) - Officer in charge of the "Purple Roses"
Rupert Coleman (29) - Son of Jeremiah Coleman
Symphonie DelaCroix (19) - Writer, Painter
Stuart Montesfont (39) - son of Bartholomew and Agatha Montesfont
Thomas Turset (41) - Cloth trader - father to Melanie and Harmonie
Walter Coleman (28) Son of Jeremiah Coleman
William (Bill) Colthurst- Crewman on the Sea Urchin
William Coleman - (13) Son to Rupert Coleman
William DeWitt
William Johanssen (8 months) Newborn son of Martha and Jedediah Johanssen
William Smythe -  (27) Blacksmith
"Zack" Butler  -  Ex Trapper now a fisherman

Adahy ("Live´s in the woods") - Freindly Native associated with James Forrester
The Chinqua - A tribe of natives so named after the Chinqua tree

Places and Things
Bettie´s Grace - Horse powered paddle-boat belonging to the Edgewell Brothers
Boddingham - Large farming community centre
Boddington - A Small Fishing and farming Hamlet by the Great lake
Bodston -  Main town of Bostonia.
Daniels Pride - Ship stolen by Jack Dore
"Dusty" - A Boatmill Co- owned by Mathias and Mary Miller
Entry Bay - First, and only viable  landing place in Bodstonia, discovered by Jocelyn de Bodley
Long Tom -  The 6pdr cannon of the Purple Roses
Mary - A 9pdr Cannon
Oak Bell - Signal bell near the Great Oak in the main square.
Sea Urchin - Ship used in the discovery of Bodstonia
"Stedders" (Steaders) - owners of small farmsteads.
Styronia - Country of origin for all Bodstonians over 35 years of age
Styrow on the Foam - Capitol city of Styronia
The Great Lake - A massive fresh water lake some 20 leagues Inland from Bodston.
"Tompot Blenny" Fishing boat owned by Brook Lamprey
Zvezdonia - A country on the mainland

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