Friday 10 June 2016

Workers 3

There she goes, Margeretta Watt, the wife of Doctor Watt on her way to get her Whiskey Barrel filled  just in case the Fusiliers have to go into Action. Whenever the troops march out on a mission, and Dr Watt follows with his Apothecary wagon, Margeretta goes along in the role of Vivandiere.
Unfortunately she´s been halted on her present mission by Agatha Montesfort. Í hope Agatha hasn´t got a lot of new News to tell...
The Smythe Brothers, James  and William. Both are hard at work and as both have a Reputation for quick tempers,   it´s best not to disturb them
Cuthbert Sussman...Sweetshop owner and yet again he´s got a Problem with the local nippers swiping some of his Sweets.
Oliver Barton, Butcher and Algie the Bodstonian fusiliers guard dog.
Olie´s keeping an eye on Algie..who´se got an eye on some of Olies sausages

Saturday 4 June 2016

Wagons Roll!

A new delivery has landed in Bodstonias port at Entry Bay , 6  wagons of varying type. Along with them,  six sturdy Upland ponies. These Upland ponies are not the fastest of beasts but have an excellent calm Temperament and a Stamina that belies thier size.

Dr Graham Watt and  Mr Cheeseman are discussing what would be needed to equip the  new Apothecary wagon.
One of two new "People Transporters" being used as a School wagon.
Here, Emmett, one of the Braunstone Brothers, starts loading his new Transport wagon.
 Finally, a covered wagon.

Monday 30 May 2016

Strange find in the woods

On one of thier journeys of discovery into the Bodstonian backcountry, James Forrester and Adahy come across, what for James is a strange object. Adahy explains to James that it is a  Totempole and, he not knowing to which tribe it belonged, could have several reasons for being placed where it is.
Among them, it could be a welcome sign  showing the border of a tribes territory or a housepost, the carvings,  a sort of heraldry,   telling the story of the family or tribe who owned it.
James wonders why it has been abandoned and Adahy explains that the tribe/Family may have moved, taking the Pole would have been too much effort.
James  makes a sketch of the Totempole and the friends continue thier journey of discovery.

Friday 23 October 2015

The New Windmill

Close to the Village of Boddingham a windmill has been built. The reason being that Boddingham is too far from a wide enough waterway to make it viable to take the corn to the Millers Ship mill, the  "Dusty" and wheat production has increased in the last year all across Bodstonia, meaning more than enough work for Both "Dusty" and the new Windmill.

Here we see some of the women folk from Boddingham  as they start a days work at the windmill.
Bags of corn are being taken up the stairs into the mill house and Soon the Sheets will be spread on the sails and flour production will begin.