Friday, 10 June 2016

Workers 3

There she goes, Margeretta Watt, the wife of Doctor Watt on her way to get her Whiskey Barrel filled  just in case the Fusiliers have to go into Action. Whenever the troops march out on a mission, and Dr Watt follows with his Apothecary wagon, Margeretta goes along in the role of Vivandiere.
Unfortunately she´s been halted on her present mission by Agatha Montesfort. Í hope Agatha hasn´t got a lot of new News to tell...
The Smythe Brothers, James  and William. Both are hard at work and as both have a Reputation for quick tempers,   it´s best not to disturb them
Cuthbert Sussman...Sweetshop owner and yet again he´s got a Problem with the local nippers swiping some of his Sweets.
Oliver Barton, Butcher and Algie the Bodstonian fusiliers guard dog.
Olie´s keeping an eye on Algie..who´se got an eye on some of Olies sausages