Friday, 27 March 2015

Symphonie´s day out

It´s saturday and Symphonie DelaCroix has decided, quite on the spur of the Moment,  to hire a carriage and  get out of  Bodston town and have a day out in the countryside.
For companionship, apart from the rather gruff Coachman Mr Merriwether, she´s taken Young Johnathan Johanssen along. There´s no School in Bodstonia on saturdays and He´s got a day off from his father´s Farm.

Stopping to take in the view, who should be on his way past but a certain James Forrester.
James, as always the polite Gentleman that he is, raises his tricorn whilst bidding one and all a good day.
Was that a slight blush in Symphonie´s cheeks?
Did James´s smile seem to hold a certain je ne sais quoi  ?
Was Symphonie´s  trip into the countryside as Spontaneous as first seemed?
Where is James going, and why?

One thing´s for sure, niether Mr Merriwether nor Jonathan have noticed anything at all.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bodstonian "state" coach.

Jeremiah Coleman  has got a new Coach. Well, it doesn´t actually belong to him (although he is rich enough to buy several ) but it is the property of the bodstonian Folk and "loaned" for use to members of the bodstonian council.
When not in use for council duties (not that often as most of the councillors already have thier own) it is used to deliver post to the citizens of bodstonia who live in outlying homesteads and farms.

If a councillor borrows the Coach,  part of the conditions are delivering any mail along the way, a duty to which None of them are contrary as it brings them in contact with thier fellow citizens.

Here we see Jeremiah on a Country jaunt.
He has stopped to talk to a passing felow bodstonian, maybe he has some mail for him.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Johanssens

Smallsteaders whjo lived on the outskirts of Bodstown, the Johanssens have finally got enough Money to be able to move to a larger house with a larger plot of farming land. This means a Long journey to the town next to the great lake, so everything is packed in their large wagon and off they set.
A group photo of the Johanssens.
From left to right:
Jonathan (son),Jedediah, ( Father), Martha (Jedediah´s wife) William (Baby), Joshuah (Grandfather to Jedediah,) Esther (Josuah´s wife) Rebecca (daughter to Jedediah)

Monday, 30 September 2013


Bodstonia has large Areas of Farmland with all varieties of crops, has established some fruit orchards and gathers fish from the sea or the great lake, and, in the main, meat is supplied, especially in the winter months, by "proffesional" Trappers.
They live on the outer edges of bodstonia in small communities, thier only contact with the main populace being when they trade the meat and fus they have gathered.
Trappers are easily recognisable by thier dress, Buckskins and fur hats, although even when dressed in usual Bodstonian garb they are easily distinguished by the slightly wild look in their eyes and silent natures.