Sunday, 4 October 2015


Along with the small fishing community of Boddington and the Farming community of Boddingham, there are small Farmsteads that supply to the Needs of Bodstonia, growing crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, tending small heards of sheep or cattle and keeping orchards.

These have developed thier own style of architecture, a quick and easy one, mainly using planking and beams  supplied by Jeremiah Coleman´s saw mill.

They work together as an open community, sharing Tasks like ploughing, planting and harvest but have thier own individual interests which can be shared among the "Steaders" (more commonly spelt as "Stedders" )

A Farmstead which produces herbs, cabbages and Beans.
Another farmstead which produces goats milk and cheese.
The backyard. Looks like the woodpile is getting added to in preperation for the oncoming winter.
A Farmstead with a bread / Pie oven.
As most farmsteads are within hailing distance (or at least visible to one another) they tend to create shared facilities for common useage, such as Barns and other such storage facilities.
Here they also Keep larger pieces of Equipment such as carts, ploughs etc.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Tomplot Blenny

The fishing boat "Tompot Blenny"  which is owned and captained by Brook Lamprey and crewed by his two sons, Morab and Danio.
It´s early in the Morning and father and sons are Setting out onto the great lake for the days work.
Hunting is limited in Bodstonia, not that there isn´t sufficient wild animals, deer and the like to be found but it is deemed appropiate to Limit hunting to a Minimum in order to  cause least friction with the natives,  so fish are an important source of protien to the Bodstonians.

Betta, Brook´s wife waves them off from the shore. Behind her, in the Little hamlet of Boddington, the other fishing and farming folk are only just beginning to  stir from thier beds.
Morab and Danio check the net one more time.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Miller´s Ship Mill

Owned by Mathias and Mary Miller, the Ship mill "Dusty"
In Bodstonia there are Windmills and stationary water mills, but one of the most successfull of the mills is "Dusty".
The wind may not blow and a windmill won´t turn,  a Change in the water Level can slow down or stop a water mill but "Dusty" can move to where the current is strongest.

Mary, taking a pause from her work, is lulled by the gentle Motion and sounds of the waterwheel and muses, carried away in her thoughts..perhaps to her younger, more carefree days.

Friday, 5 June 2015

The Burning Dispute (Pt 3 - Talking costs nothing)

It´s now been several days since James and Adahy were last seen and inside the stockade surrounding the fishing town of Boddinton, things are getting tense.
Jeremiah Coleman and Mr Cheeseman are discussing with Company B´s Staff Sergeant, Robert Lambton,  wether to send out a large patrol and if they were to do so, what would be it´s  size and how might that weaken the towns defences.
At this Moment the sentry on the watch tells them a figure can be seen breaking cover from the distant woodline....and it appears to be  a Native!!
Quickly the town is called to full alert, all those capable of carrying and using a fire arm Position themselves along the palisades.
Using his fieldglass, Jeremiah makes the figure out to be one of the missing two men,  Adahy!!
Quickly mr Cheesman and Staff Sergeant, Lambton run down to great him.

Adahy tells them that James is alright but being Held at ransom to force a Meeting. He has been sent to lead representatives of Bodstonia to the  place of this Meeting and that they must follow him now.
Quickly Lambton gathers a handfull of his Company together, accompanied by Jeremiah and Mr Cheesman, the small Group sets off behind Adahy.
The Party follows Adahy into the forest and after an hour they Come into a large Clearing, on the far side of which is a large Party of natives, James in their midst.
Both groups warily approach each other, weapons held at the ready but after both
Adahy and James assure both sides of no harmfull intent from the other fingers are removed from Triggers and shoulders relax.

After a Long talk it is discovered that the attack on the Trappers cabin was carried out by a handfull of Young braves  from one of the   large Family Groups belonging to the Chinqua tribe.

Thier reason? During the last winter the Trappers had killed beaver and left the meat to the wolves.
A headman from another Chinqua Family Group had discussed this  with the Trappers who said they would in future bring any meat to the natives but word of this hadn´t got to the Young braves of the other Family Group. Thier disgust at the waste of the beaver meat turned to rage when one of the braves got his foot caught in a gin trap set by the Trappers.
It wasn´t a serious injury, the trap wasn´t set well, but this was the last straw for them and  Unfortunately they decided to take the law into thier own Hands.

Upon Hearing about the use of a Gin trap, both Mr Cheesman and Jeremiah Coleman shook thier heads  in  desolation...gin traps are specifically forbidden in Bodstonia and the Trappers would have known this to be the case, it is so written in the Terms of thier hunting licence, which they have read and sighned.
After Long discussion it is decided, there has been hurt  and loss on both sides but as These cannot be measured against each other, "Zacks" injured arm against that of the Natives injured leg, the lost beaver meat against the burnt log cabin,  it is considered that all is equal. As no further harm is intended, no-one had lost thier  life,  both parties consider the matter closed.
They part on friendly Terms.

A week or so later.
The Trappers, Rob and "Zack" ,  have had thier hunting licence revoked and for now work in Boddington as fishermen.

Mr Cheeseman, ever keen to learn more,  has, along with Adahy , met again with the headsman of the Chinqua and arranged to visit their Family Group later in the year.

Jeremiah Coleman and the Bodstonian Dragoons  have returned to Bodston.

And James? He has quietly  gone back to Bodston to write up his adventure, add a bit more to his map of Bodstonia and.......for now.....

...remain the Apple of Symphonies eye