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Bodstonian Dress (Aristocratic women)

General appearance.
The ideal Bodstonian woman has hair that is black, brown, or blond, the last is deemed particularly fashionable. Red hair is considered unfashionable and generally dyed a different.
Her hair is of wavy or curly texture. Her forehead is high, the hair being kept pushed back.
Generally the hair is kept covered, especially in Public
Wigs are not worn unless due to age or some medical condition they are necessary.
Her cheeks plump and rosy, and her skin  white. Fashionable eye colors include black, chestnut, or blue; eyebrows were divided (ie no monobrows. Her lips are small, with a slightly larger bottom lip creating a rosebud effect, soft, and red. 
Makeup is not intended to look natural, it is, to use a phrase taken from the indigenous in´dians, referred to as warpaint. It is more used to declare a social status than for direct beauty.
Women and men show their respectability and class through white skin, and heavy makeup is considered more respectable than naturally light skin.
Cosmetics also have practical aims – their use create what was considered an attractive face, and they can hide the effects of age, blemishes, disease, or sun.

The Evening Gown.  Features back pleats hanging loosely from the neckline. A fitted bodice hold the front of the gown closely to the figure.
The House Gown features back pleats sewn in place to fit closely to the body, and then released into the skirt which can be draped in various ways.
For riding a  tailored jacket like a man's coat is worn,  with a high-necked shirt, a waistcoat, a petticoat, and a hat. Alternatively, the jacket and a false waistcoat-front might be a made as a single garment,  or a simpler riding jacket and petticoat (without waistcoat) can be worn.

The Night Gown or smock, has a low neckline and elbow-length sleeves which are full  Drawers  are not worn.
Strapless stays which still are cut high at the armpit,  encourage a woman to stand with her shoulders slightly back, a fashionable posture. The fashionable shape is a rather conical torso, with large hips. The waist is not particularly small. Stays are usually laced snugly, but comfortably; only those interested in extreme fashions laced tightly.
Free-hanging pockets are tied around the waist and were accessed through pocket slits in the side-seams of the gown or petticoat.
Woolen or quilted waistcoats are worn over the stays or corset and under the gown for warmth, as are petticoats quilted with wool batting, especially in the cold periods of the year.

Shoes have high, curved heels and are made of fabric or leather, sometimes decorated with separate shoe buckles.  These are either polished metal, usually in silver. Indoors flat soled shoes made of soft leather are worn.

Hats fall into mainly two types, the Tricorn or the bonnet, The Tricorns are made from Felt, usually coloured and trimmed with silk. The bonnets are of coloured cotton.

Here we see Melanie, Symphonie and Harmonie..3 of Bostonians young Belles.

Melanie wears Riding costume complete with matching blue felt Tricorn
Symphonie wears a house gown, again with a matching bonnet
Harmonie wears full "Battledress" and has topped off the creation with a feather hair ornament

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