Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Workers (1)

A group of workers and traders, the backbone of the Bodstonian trading system.

In one of Bodstons streets we see some traders bringing thier wares to and fro

A fisherman, one of the important jobs in Bodstonia as fish is often on the menu,especially in the winter months. The poor guy on the right. Even traders have to do physical work, sometimes starting very early in the day to prepare thier wares before the shops open

Even farmers have time to relax and here we see a farmer and his son taking time to look around


  1. Seems like a hapy street, and no crisis so it seems!

    Realy love this you are doing, don't stop my friend!

  2. Seems I have been to Bodstonia and never realised it! I can see that cab is going to have trouble with those bollards any minute.

  3. what interesting characters. I am doing my own civilians also, some ye-olde airfix wagon trail types. so it may seem that Oronegro's traders are all hobbits but Bodstonia seems to have quite a nice mox of characters... I would very much like to see a scene with all the personalities together perhaps in a market for some special occassion.

    anyway your story is great and I must say that I am envious of your ability to create such a place in miniature without having to write whole mini-books of history to establish your nations past in your own head. I do it as I would always change the past if I did not.

  4. I'm always happy to receive a new letter from Bodstonia !
    always nice figures, but this time, I can't recognize them ...
    The faces looks like AIRFIX ones, but that's all what I can say!
    For me, it's a "riddle in the night", gollum .."

  5. Nice. The photography makes each scene almost a diorama.

  6. Nice work and I agree with Jay. The background photo looks spot on. :)

  7. great!!! I love civilians about every era. Tx Paul!