Sunday, 2 September 2012

More Female citizens

Old and not so old..Rich and not so rich, some more of the female citizens of Bodstonia.
This group shows the way that the different social niveaus of Bodstonia mix and feel comfortable in each others company. From the maid to the rich Dame, they all share the world of Bodstonia as equals in the spirit  if not the "body"

To the right is Agatha Montesfort, wife to the Grand Protector, Bartholomew Montesfort

The one on the far right looks like one of the Turset maids out on a shopping errand


  1. some very women!!
    your Bodstonian people grows!!!

  2. very nice work paul, all nations need female citizens, a fact much overlooked by some imagi-nations Oronegro currently has only a handful and perhaps soon that can change