Saturday, 10 November 2012

Native Bodstonians (Warriors)

The natives of Bodstonia are generally a peacefull race as can be seen on the accounts of Jocelyn de Bodley´s  discovery of Bodstonia, although warfare  not unknown to them.
As far as can be discovered, mainly through information supplied by Adahy, the "warfare" is on a small scale, short lived, intermitent, usually bloodless and generally  brought on by territorial disputes or the eagerness of younger members of a particular clan to "prove" themselves.
In the last few years this has become more of a "problem" as the population of Bodstonia grows and more land is required to accommodate thier needs.
One expansion meant that a woodland had to be cut down..a woodland that contained a grove which had important superstitious relevance to the local clan. This significance of the grove was unknown to the Bodstonians and they were suprised by the hostile reaction of the natives. Tempers rose on both sides and some bloodshed followed, the natives making of with several firearms*
Since this "incident"  more care is taken in the treatment of land, the task of communicting intentions and resolving any problems being given over to James Forrester.
Here we see a "warband" of natives with thier traditional warpaint. Some wear shirts and other items of clothing traded (or taken) with the Bodstonians. A "warband" is usually 15-20 strong, some clans who have close contact are known to band together and a "warbands" of nigh on 100 strong have been reported but never seen. As the exact number of tribes and therfore the native population as as yet unknown, it cannot be determined as to how many warriors the natives (if the joined together) could field but it is assumed to be  in the many hundreds.
Some natives work as guides and trakers for the bodstonians. Here we see one with an offcast jacket from Company A the Bodstonian Fusiliers
Several of the clans, particularily those who first made contact with the Bodstonians, lend thier warriors to the Bodston defence forces, thus creating a third, though not entirely realiable, force of militia.
A "death" warrior. Some native warriors paint thier faces as to resemble the appearance of a skull. According to Adahy, this signifies their preparedness to stand and fight in order to either obtain some status within the clan or die trying. If succesful in defeating an opponent they will take thier fallen foes heart in the belief it gives them a longer life.

* Before the discovery of the land of Bodstonia, the natives weapons were generally those that were used in the  pursuit of hunting, bows, spears, wooden axes and bone knives. Since Jocelyn de Bodley´s landing, they have aquired quite a reasonable amount of firearms. This has been through trade and some theft on the part of the natives. Another source (although this is not collaborated) is from Jack Dore and his Pirates. When they took the cutter Daniel´s Pride, they aquired a large number of weapons, more than thier number could possibly need. It is assumed they have either traded these with the natives or, given them to a nearby clan which now is in alliance with them.


  1. This is a couple of nasty guys, bodstonia has a big problem having these guys around.... Like them anyway ;)

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    1. Poor Sam! I've post on Paul's Bods, and I was sure to be in Bodstonia! Not necessary to say the same here, I suppose?

      I love the "death warrior" : very impressive painting work!

  3. Sounds like a tinderbox just waiting for a spark to set everything off . . . lots of flint around too.

    -- Jeff

  4. Well paul Bodstonia is a very diverse land. tricorns are cool but so is warpaint! perhaps I shall indulge in the early history of Oronegro one day. certainly these guys are well equipped to ambush a lone company of Bodstonian infantry.

  5. You can't trust Adahy-he's a known liar. He once "sold", to a Bodstonian, an island to which neither he, nor his clan, had any claim.
    And seriously, who falls for the "sacred grove" ruse these days? That went out with the Droods.