Friday, 26 October 2012

The Pirates of Jack Dore

Avoided  and ignored since the foundation of Bodstonia, Eggism finally raised it´s ugly head in the spring of 1728. A small family feud had been brewing for nearly a year between the Dores and the De Witts. One evening it came to blows between the two factions after a night of drinking at the Bear inn.
The next day feelings were still running high and to lay the trouble to rest, Bartholomew Montesfort called a meeting of the council, to which the heads of the Dore and DeWitt families were summoned.
Both were sworn to keep the peace or face imprisonment to which both sides agreed and left.

Unfortunately that same evening there was further arguments which again escalated into a fight in which Jack Dore stabbed William DeWitt. The wound was later found to be not serious but at the time the DeWitts left for home, swearing to come back and exact vengeance.
The Dores and several of thier companions also left for thier homes to arm themselves.
The owner of the Bear inn called the watch who quickly formed a guard around and in front of the inn.  The Dore faction took little heed of this and advanced along the high street towards the far end of town, thier intention to march onto the DeWitts farm.
The Watch called out for them to halt and disperse but still they came on. Warning shots were fired, the Dores, thinking they were under attack, opened fire on the member of the which was slightly injured in the  left shoulder. At this point someone rang the Oak Bell and seeing that all was up, the Dores fled.

Within minutes of the Oak Bell being run, a large group of militia, "Purple Roses" and Bodstonian fusiliers had gathered. In the panik, the Dores and thier friends stole down to the dock and took the cutter,  Daniels Pride. This act of piracy was noticed at first light and even though pursuit was given, no trace of them was found.

"Capn" Jack Dore. The titel is self given. At the age of 38, he and his motely "crew" of 46 refugees have spent the last 3 years on the run. Exactly where they are camped, how they are  providing for themselves or if they are in contact with any natives is, as of yet,  unknown, even to Adahy
What is known is that they have taken  one supply ship headed for Bodstonia and at least one Zvezdonian frigate. Both ships and crews they abandoned after plundering thier holds.