Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The "Purple Roses" (1)

The women of Bodstonia are not only the keepers of hearth and home, but they also take part in the defence of those hearths and homes.
This role is carried out, as with the menfolk, in two forms.  Either they join the militia or become regulars, in a reserve role but still they wear a uniform.
Their unit is called the purple Roses for two reasons. The Unit is commanded by Rose Tremain, a self made woman who runs the dress making and tailors guild in Bodstonia.
Due to the capture of a Zvedonian trade ship in the second Federation war of 1700 - 1705, Rose came into possesion of a large supply of purple cotton. As purple was not fashionable at the time among the Bodstonians (it still isn´t) there was no  profit to be made so she had the cloth made into uniforms for her unit.
The Purple Rose´s number 10 in all and form a small reserve artillery unit, fielding one 6pdr, nicknamed "Long Tom". Why the gun is called Long Tom remains a closely guarded secret among the ladies.
They have competed in the yearly "shoot downs" winning the event twice.
Being obstensively an artillery unit they come under direct command of Bartholomew Motesfont

 The 4 women who are the main gunners. The other 6 take a support and protection role, relaying information to the gun team as to their possible targets. 
Mistress Gunner Juliet pride


  1. Splendid ... figures....!!!!!!
    When I saw them in Paul's Bods, I immediately thought "Why did he not use them for Bodstonia ?????!!!!
    It's their place and very nice to see them here!

  2. Hail the Purple Roses!

    And glad to read fresh news of 18th C. Bodstonia.

    1. I have neglected this world of mine for a while.., no lack of ideas, just a lack of bods etc.

  3. Very nice indeed. :-)



  4. nice work paul, I've known of these figs for a while and now I see them painted... great work and story to match

  5. well turned out artillery :)

    -- Allan