Thursday, 11 October 2012

The "Purple Roses" (2)

The "infantry" section of the "Purple Roses".
They act as the control role of the unit, the flag and drummer in a rallying and signalling role, the 3 sharpshooters defending Juliet Pride´s gun team, enabling them to concentrate on  operating  "Long Tom", and Rose Tremain, as the commander of the unit.
Thier uniqueness within the Bodstonian defence forces is reflected in the colour of the flag, red, meaning they are attached not only to the regular forces but are directly associated with Company A of the 1st Regiment of Foot, the Bodstonian Fusiliers.

Rose Tremain


  1. The set now comes as a set of 6, one drummer, standard bearer, offocer and 3 marching. I would have prefered a command set with a staff sergeant and whistle player added and a marching set of 10 - 12 marching.

  2. very nice work paul, the bodstonian forces appears to contain a higher ratio of women to men than in todays forces.

  3. I really love those unusual figures !
    and your painting work served them a lot: you make them beautiful!
    Congrats Paul.