Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Johanssens

Smallsteaders whjo lived on the outskirts of Bodstown, the Johanssens have finally got enough Money to be able to move to a larger house with a larger plot of farming land. This means a Long journey to the town next to the great lake, so everything is packed in their large wagon and off they set.

A group photo of the Johanssens.
From left to right:
Jonathan (son),Jedediah, ( Father), Martha (Jedediah´s wife) William (Baby), Joshuah (Grandfather to Jedediah,) Esther (Josuah´s wife) Rebecca (daughter to Jedediah)


  1. Great paint and pics Paul .
    Cheers .

  2. Great !! the wagon is perfect like that! maybe more impressive than the first one ....
    love the figures (Imex with Imex !)

  3. nice little tale Paul, and the names are exactly what you'd expect them to be :-D.

  4. Thanks :-D So far I´ve got just over 50 named characters, but 9 of those are from the very early days of the Story, making just over 40 actaul "living" bodstonians and natives so when I´ve reached some 60 plus named characters I can start the Story properly.

  5. Hi Paul,perhaps you can get Sam Wise to paint up some friendly Native Americans that will help,and trade with these guys. ..............Beano Boy

  6. Fantastic paint job Paul, what set are they from? I could use them in my Irish Civil War game. Great blog by the way

  7. Thanks :-D
    They are from the Imex american pioneers set