Friday, 27 March 2015

Symphonie´s day out

It´s saturday and Symphonie DelaCroix has decided, quite on the spur of the Moment,  to hire a carriage and  get out of  Bodston town and have a day out in the countryside.
For companionship, apart from the rather gruff Coachman Mr Merriwether, she´s taken Young Johnathan Johanssen along. There´s no School in Bodstonia on saturdays and He´s got a day off from his father´s Farm.

Stopping to take in the view, who should be on his way past but a certain James Forrester.
James, as always the polite Gentleman that he is, raises his tricorn whilst bidding one and all a good day.
Was that a slight blush in Symphonie´s cheeks?
Did James´s smile seem to hold a certain je ne sais quoi  ?
Was Symphonie´s  trip into the countryside as Spontaneous as first seemed?
Where is James going, and why?

One thing´s for sure, niether Mr Merriwether nor Jonathan have noticed anything at all.

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