Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Burning Dispute (Pt2 - Reasoned preperations)

After the two Trappers have been taken to safety in Boddington, a rider is sent to Bodston with News of the recent Events. A section of Company B from the Bodstonian Fusiliers and a handfull of Folks Militia head out in the direction of the first Group of Militia to lend  assistance.
After nearly two days hard ride the Messenger reaches Bodston and quickly a Meeting is Held to decide on the measures that need to be taken.
Present at the Meeting are, Bartholomew Motesfont,  Jeremiah Coleman, Charles Livesy  ( Captain of the Artillery), Rose Tremain, Officer in charge of the  Purple Roses,  Mr Cheeseman, Dr Greyham Watt, Edward Binder and James Forrester.
It is quickly decided that Company A and C of the Bodston Fusiliers, the  Purple Roses and the Artillery would remain withing Bodston.
Notification is immediately sent to all the local Militia to be ready at a moments notice.
Company B would remain at full strength in Boddington and Company D likewise  in Boddingham.
Jeremiah Coleman and Mr Cheeseman would travel at first light the next day with half the Bodstonian Dragoons  to Boddington, the rest of the dragoons would ride to Boddingham. They are also tasked to alerting and gathering any  single homesteads along the way. 
Two dragoons  loading Barrels of Gunpowder to take to Boddington

Further,  James Forrester would leave as soon a possible for Boddington, then he and  Adahy would continue into the woodlands around the area of the incident and as far as possible, without endangering themselves, try to discover the reason for the sudden and, from the Bodstonian side, unprovoked attack.
Symphonie DelaCroix  watches from the outskirts as James rides away towards Boddington. A sense of foreboding fills her heart.
Evening of the next day is falling and James is nearing Boddington. Suddenly as if  placed by a Spirit Hand,  Adahy appears in a clearing. Both men greet each other warmly  and then continue onwards to Boddington, discussing the Situation and exchanging News as they go.  In the town they learn that the Militia and Bodston Fusiliers have returned safely with no further sightings of the natives and no further incidents have been reported.
Early the next day James and Adahy leave Boddington and after two days search,  find the remains of the log cabin. As The day is now late they decide to rest and proceed on thier Task early the next day but.............
..no sooner than they have set off but they are suddenly surrounded by a Group of natives,whose muskets are cocked and aimed at them. Escape is impossible, both men are quickly disarmed, thier Hands tied and they are led further and deeper into the forest.

Was Symphonie´s foreboding justified? Why didn´t Adahy notice the natives before the trap was sprung? The reasons and Wherebys coming soon.....


  1. Terrific stuff, James Fenimore Cooper would be proud of it. Looking forward to the next instalment. Terrific photos, by the way!

    1. Thanks Michael. If i could i would write a book with Cooper in mind..one of my favourite Story tellers, his Last of the Mohicans really impressed me as a child. Brilliant stuff.

  2. Excellent narative and photos - well done!

  3. I see you still got your humor and great way of telling stories!
    Nice one Paul!

  4. Nice way of story telling,with some great pictures. Nail Bitting Stuff! Just what will happen next? BB

  5. Thanks Paul.The next post tells the final part of the Story ;-)