Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bartholomew Motesfont - Lord Protector

Born in 1670, Bartholomew Motesfont is one of the richest men in Bodstonia, his fortune made through the steel industry which he sold off 12 years ago, retiring to come to Bodstonia.
He carries the  Title of "Lord Protector" and is married to Agatha (born 1672)
They have two children, Clementine (36) and Stuart (39)
This is an elected Titel not an inherited one. The election takes place every 2 years, postponed in times of   emergency, and is decided by a Pyramid system of voting. He abides over a council of 12, the only permanent members of which are Jeremiah Colemann and  Judge  Cornelius Makepeace.
The duties of Lord Protector include;
Protector of the land..deciding final usage of land and any disputes
C & C of the Military in Times of war.
Deciding Vote in the council...although this use of this is considered to be  an indication of the failure of the council´s abilities.
Lord Protector is the only person allowed to wear a bi-corn.
His walking stick is known as  the "Protectors Yard"


  1. A very distinguished gentleman indeed. The sharpness of his clothes and upright posture are a surely sign of his prowess and astuteness in the town council.

  2. always a good Historical review!
    This Nation seems to be a democratic one!
    and the figure is awesome with a beautiful picture!
    Congrats Paul!

  3. what a great leader! he looks proud of his nation