Tuesday, 7 August 2012

James Forrester

Born in the same year as Bradley Ashyt, James is Bodstonias adventurer and map maker, although you wouldn´t guess it by his quiet and some would say, shy nature. 
He is Polite and curtiess to all, but when on his travels he dresses in buckskins, racoon hat and has be known to literally "go where no man has been before" (No Bodstian man that is) taking on the mannerisms of a woodsman. In one instance he even fought with a bear..his only defence being a knife.
This oddity in his character lead some to believe he is schizophrenic but others say he represents the true nature of a man, that of using the head to control his animal passions.
James is,  alongside Jeremiah Cheesman, Joint commander of the Bodston Folks Militia.

Here we see him as he tips his hat to Symphonie Delacroix. Symphony secretly admires James, the Attention she pays him has, as of yet, not been reciprocated but time will tell.

An Artists representation of the Famed Bear fight.