Sunday, 26 August 2012

Symphonie DelaCroix

Symphonie (19) is alone in the world..her parents, both artists of some renown,  were killed in a boating tradegy. Fortunately, for Symphonie,  they left behind a not inconsiderable sum of money in the bank and the  family home .
Not being able to reconcile her feelings of loss whilst living in the family  home, Symphonie sold it and on the spur of the moment boarded  a ship leaving for Bodstonia.
This was just over two years ago, in which time Symphonie has started to paint, draw and write, an enterprise in which she has some sucess as Bodstonia lacked a cohesive artistic community.
She has become the head of a small group of like minded ladies, and the occasional rare Gentleman.
James Forrester has been known to attend the occasional book reading, much to the delight of Symphonie.

A large barn in Bodston has been converted into a rough and ready playhouse for the purpose of putting on plays and musical soirees. With the support of Jeremiah Coleman, mainly because Jeremiah´s Wife, Anne, is part of the Bodstonian Ladies of Culture group, there have been moves made towards garnering support from the council of 12 to have a purpose built playhouse created.

Symphonie has  had several "proposals" from the  Menfolk of Bodston, all of which she has politely declined and has only shown interest for one man in the whole of Bodstonia..James Forrester.

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  1. very interesting, Bodstonia is full of characters. it will be interesting how it all plays out.