Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bodstonian Children

What else would the children wear other than small copies of the Clothes worn by the grown ups.
Rich or poor..children don´t notice (or respect) the class boundarys and play happily together.
Working class children. In the warmer months they are more than likely to go barefoot but for the colder times of the year, leather shoes or wooden clogs will be worn. The Shepard boy (second from the right) wears woolen socks. His trousers, which have been worn through at the knees have been made into shorts.  
A young aristocrat  with his puppy. Next to him a boy whose father is in the militia.

Two little girls. The Aristocrat Girl carries her doll..which has an porcelain head and expensive item while the working class girl carries her rag doll. The working class girls wears a simple cotton dress with black cotton stockings and simple leather shoes.
A working class girl playing "Hoop" (more about "hoop" and Bodstonian childrens games HERE
She wears a simple one piece cotton knee length dress with cotton drawers and weras leather shoes.

What is intersting about the last picture is the bedding and sheets put out on the fence to dry or air. This tells us that it is a Sunday, the washday in Bodstonia.


  1. wow!! that's impressive!
    I love BODSTONIA !
    (I suppose that the figures are from the same source than the women?)

  2. Thanks Pascal.
    They are all from the same sets. I nearly forgot I had them and even though they are meant for 1813,the Croeburn Dio, they make perfect civilians for Bodstonia.