Monday, 20 August 2012

Jeremiah Colemann

Jeremiah Coleman of the Pentridge Colemans, Colonel of the  1st Regiment of foot, the Bodston Fusiliers.
Born in 1679, he served with distinction in the Army on the mainland. He entered at the rank of captain and  slowly bought and worked his way up through the ranks.
After recieving a large sum of  money from his father, he was among the first to move  to Bodstonia, setting up a saw mill, became the main supplier of timber in Bodstonia and to the mainland which greatly increased the families riches.
Loyal to the core, although a bit hot tempered at times, he has a shrewd eye for tactics although he has been prone in difficult situation to let his temper get the better of him.
This fiery side to his character proved to be of advantage at the battle of Trapton in 1702, during the Great war of the Federations, when at the age of only 23, he rallied two companys of grenadiers and then led an assault on an  enemy redoubt, capturing the guns therein and turning the tide of the battle.
For this, The city of Styrow on the Foam gave him the freedom of the city and he was promoted to the rank of major.
Married to Anne (Born 1682) he has three children, Elizabeth, 31, Rupert, 29 and Walter, 28.
His father, also called Jeremiah, is the Major elect of Pentridge, a town some 25 leagues North of Styrow on the Foam


  1. He is a dandy: sharp sculpt, subtle colors, and a stimulating bio.

  2. a proud character with nice colours!
    always stunning, Paul!

  3. This is a beautiful fig - I basically bought the whole set for this one and use him as a special character too. If you are interested, here are the pics and the bio I've written for him.

  4. increadible Paul. your creativity is immense!