Thursday, 9 August 2012

Company A of the 1st Regiment of Foot, the Bodstonian Fusiliers

Created in 1716 from the local Militia, The Bodston Fusiliers consists of four  20 man Companys, A - D.  Attached to them is a field artillery section of 16 men with two 2pdr cannons, an 8 man squadron of dragoons.
Added to the Fusiliers is the Folks Militia of Bodstonia. The  strength of the Militia is variable  but seeing as all able persons can take part in the militia thier numbers are at least twice that of the regular troops.

The Bodston Fusiliers are affectionately known as Colemans "Mustards" due to thier Uniform colour of Mustard yellow, a nickname which they have taken to heart as it suits the fiery nature of thier commander Colonel Jeremiah Coleman.

Range day. Company A practices volley fire by ranks
Company A has the privelage of carrying the Bodstonian Standard. To the left of the Standard is Staff Sergeant Obediah Hardwill. he lost his left Hand not in Combat but in a sawmill accident.

Company Colours of The 1st Regiment of Foot, the Bodstonian Fusiliers
Cockade on the tricorn in silver, the buttons Gold
From Top to Bottom, A-D companies 


  1. Not sure if I had said at the 'other' blog of yours but these are very handsome troops and the Sgt. despite the lack of one arm looks like he knows his business!

  2. When Sgt. Hardwill exerts his authority on the troops and points his stub at them...they obey!

  3. Good work like always! (I'm tired to write this comment, I must find something new..)
    I love the flag of Bodstonia ! (a comment that don't look new too..)
    where did you find it (or create?)

  4. This site is coming along nicely Paul. I'm diggin on that standard you created for Bodstonia, seriously sweet bit of work there.

  5. Great work Paul, I wish I had more time to spend on my iNation. Hopefully after the next convention?

  6. very cool paul. these guys look ready to defend the land of the little man.